Otai Burger Kiosk
These are the price to open the Otai Burger Kiosk.

1 kiosk - RM 17 500

2kiosk - RM 33 000

3kiosk - RM 75 500

10 kiosk - RM 148 000

Anyone that are interested to join Otai Burger Franchise can call this number;

Tel +60341077363

Briefing For The System Francais Otai

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Day : Every Saturday (twice a month)

Time : 10.00 a.m - 12 p.m

* Foods & Drinks are provided


There are about 250 kiosk in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Perak, pahang & Negeri Sembilan


The Price
Burger ayam Otai RM3.60
Burger daging Otai RM3.60
Burger ayam Special Otai RM4.40
Burger daging Special Otai RM4.40

Burger daging Biasa RM2.80
Burger daging special RM3.60
Burger ayam Biasa RM2.80
Burger ayam special RM3.60

Otai Burger Franchise

Otai Burger or Malaysia International Burger (MIB) is currently the most famous fast food burger chain stalls in Malaysia. Otai which means “ Organisasi Tempat Mengambil Ilmu “. It is owned by MIB Trading Sdn Bhd which main headquarters is in Batu Caves, Selangor. The Otai burger franchise is a SME (Small Medium Enterprise) company. The intended user or the group of users can be at the very all ages from children to adults. So, the target market of the user are the people of malaysia and maybe someday the world. In my opinion, this project is necessary is because these projects focus on developing a new method on marketing strategy and promotion. The main concept of internet marketing is to sell products and services online using on the website. Internet marketing is a cost effective way to deliver quality buyers for companies services of marketing services offered especially in Malaysian market for Otai Burger Franchise. The advertising method, can give company dealing in business via online marketing solutions by promoting new products on the websites. Otai Burger Franchise is the fastest leading Franchise companies and for the past several of years it is the number 1 in Malaysia. But it was facing several problems due to facing competitive environment with the other companies overseas. The solution is to promote or advertise the product in a new method and also try to get feedbacks from the people about Otai Burger. Some of the attraction of Otai burger to me is the price.